What’s happening at PSC

Spring 2024

POSTPONED: Guest lecture: Christian Higher Education in a Post-Christian America

NOTE: Dr. Gehrz’s visit has been postponed to Fall 2024.

February 10 at 7pm, All Souls Presbyterian Church

Historically, Christianity has played a crucial role in the development of higher education in the United States, inspiring churches to found colleges and calling individuals to pursue teaching, learning, and scholarship. But as religious adherence and affiliation drops off sharply in this country, what is the future of Christian higher education? In this free public lecture, historian Chris Gehrz (Bethel University, MN) will consider the challenges and opportunities facing Christians in higher education — from students and their families to those who work at colleges and universities.



POSTPONED: College for Christians: A Seminar for Students and Parents

February 9 at 6pm; February 10 at 8:30am, Windsor Road Christian Church

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WHY? – Friday

Why do people go to college? We’ll start by looking at different ways that people think about the purpose of college, how those expectations can shape the experience of college, and how Christians might have unique motivations for going to college.

WHICH? – Saturday part 1

How do you decide which college to attend? We’ll consider factors like cost, fit, and reputation, ask if Christians should consider secular options, and compare different types of Christian colleges.

HOW? – Saturday part 2

Once you’ve made your college choice, how do you make the most of the college experience? We’ll close by sharing some advice for how students can thrive in their first year of college.

Chris Gehrz
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Dinner discussions

March 2, April 20 at 6pm, University Baptist Church

What could be better than free food? Free food accompanied by good conversation! Pascal Study Center invites you to our dinner discussion events. Participants read a short article in advance and then come together for a shared meal and small-group discussion.

Our theme for Spring 2024 is The Precarious Good Life. Please sign up here to receive the reading and help us know how much food is needed.

Student reading group

Thursdays at 2pm starting February 1, University Baptist Church second-floor classroom

This spring, Pascal Study Center’s student reading group is discussing No Greater Love: A Biblical Vision for Friendship by Rebecca McLaughlin. Free book for all participants!

No Greater Love book cover

Paideia reading group

February 15, March 14, April 18 at 7pm, Twin City Bible Church

Do you want to engage with classic Christian texts alongside other believers? Join Pascal Study Center’s Paideia reading group! During 2023-2024, we are reading the Westminster Confession of Faith. 

Organized through the Paideia Center for Theological Discipleship, this reading group welcomes participants from a variety of theological traditions and church backgrounds. Space is limited and registration is required. Contact us for a code for free registration.